Mark Passio – PSY-OPS – Shattering the Illusion Conference

October 1, 2022 321 Views  

What are PSY-OPS?

Psychological Operations (PSY-OPS) are a form of occult or hidden warfare that has been conducted by the ruling class against humanity since the dawn of history. 

Rulers use PSY-OPS to inject fear and confusion into the consciousness of those whom they rule over. 

These “dark occultists” orchestrate and execute PSY-OPS in the mental plane, to get people to think and behave in a certain way.   

Dark Occultists can be thought of as ancient psychologists or “sorcerers of consciousness,” who know exactly how to manipulate the human psyche.  

Members of the military, intelligence agencies, and the mainstream media follow orders and both knowingly and unknowingly implement PSY-OPS. 

For example, PSY-OPS are often run as “drills” that then go live, so that the participants are uninformed as to their true purpose and involvement.

PSY-OPS use propaganda and advanced psychology to influence the opinions, emotions, and behaviors of opposition groups.   

They are generally intended to demoralize the enemy, to break their will, or to render them favorably disposed to one’s own position.

How do PSY-OPS work?

PSY-OPS work by manipulating human beings through their fear, ignorace, and naivete.   They exploit a human being’s deep-seated fears, and their desire to be “kept safe.”

Safety is an illusion in this 3D reality that is preyed upon by the elite ruling class.

Fear destroys and shuts consciousness down.

It prevents us from thinking clearly and logically about what is being done to us. 

Other PSY-OPS exploit our ignorance of the human psyche and of the basic laws of nature, including natural law and the spiritual laws of morality. 

When you have an extreme knowledge differential, it’s going to evolve into an extreme power differential, which can be exploited easily by those with the upper hand.

Why do Psy-ops work?

Simply put, PSY-OPS work, because most human beings have not developed their consciousness sufficiently in order to correctly and accurately distinguish truth and reality from falsehood and fantasy

The dark occult ruling class know this, and use this fact against us.  Until and unless we improve our aggregate level of consciousness as a species, PSY-OPS will continue to be successful.

Psy-OPS & The Occult

Occultism is a body of science that is not widely known to the human population; it consists of knowledge of the human psyche and the laws of nature, both seen (physical) and unseen (spiritual.) 

Dark Occultists have intentionally kept knowledge hidden in order to main a power differential over most of humanity. 

Their ultimate goal is to permanently and completely enslave all of humanity through their technocratic occultocracy, and effectively BECOME GOD ON EARTH.

Mark Passio delivered this presentation live at Shattering The Illusion on September 24, 2022.

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