Music For Freedom – Lyrics & Vocals by David Greenberg

“You Went Left”

  • Lyrics & Vocals: David Greenberg
  • Backing track music: Benjamin Harrison
  • Release date: March 1, 2023

With a groovy tune that lends itself well to singing along, You Went Left speaks directly to “de facto Satanists” who allow their entire lives to be driven by ego, and who don’t really care about the human condition they help to co-create.

“Hey, Look over here!”

  • Lyrics & Vocals: David Greenberg
  • Backing track music: Benjamin Harrison
  • Release date: March 13, 2023

This song speaks to the grand illusion and deception that is created by authority, in order to keep humanity “in thrall.”  It also speaks of the consequences of awakening to realize the lie, and the sense of having wasted valuable time.

“Freedom lives”

  • Lyrics & Vocals: David Greenberg
  • Backing track music: Nick Neblo
  • Release date: Feb 22, 2023

A melodic guitar ballad – a tribute to everyone serving truth and fighting for freedom.  It points out the inevitability of freedom, once a few simple principles are understood and lived by.


  • Lyrics & Vocals: David Greenberg
  • Backing track music: Nick Neblo
  • Release date: Feb 11, 2023

A light-hearted melody that uses coffee as a metaphor for the courage required to stand up for truth in a world built on lies; also a tribute to those with whom I live and work on the beach here in El Salvador.

“Common Sense”

  • Lyrics & Vocals: David Greenberg
  • Backing track music: Benjamin Harrison
  • Release date: Jan 29, 2023

A very groovy jazz piece.  A straight-up spoken-word tribute to natural law and objective morality, specifically the non-aggression principle and the self-defense principle. 

“no belief is required”

  • Lyrics & Vocals: David Greenberg
  • Backing track music: YT Jam Tracks
  • Release date: Jan 24, 2023

The song where it all started for my musical journey.  A lively rock ballad that summarizes the current human condition, as well as the way out, what it will take, why and how. 

The story behind the music

“The spark of inspiration finally lit the fire of courage and action for me in January of 2023.

“Naturally, I had dreamed of being a famous singer many times since my childhood.

“But, as with many dreams, when the imagination is suppressed and repressed, I never acted on it… until now.

“Those of you who have already been following my work will recognize the time and effort I put into creating video content over the past two years.

“Last year, I pushed myself quite hard, focusing on increasing the number of videos over time, the quality of the content, and the aesthetics.

“Not surprisingly, by the time 2022 was coming to an end, I was feeling a bit burnt out, and needing to take a break.

“I announced that I would be doing so, without really having a clear plan of what comes next.

“Serendipitously, while eating dinner on New Years with some other travelers, the inspiration hit so hard it almost knocked me off my chair!

“In an instant, I knew that I would be writing and singing original songs.

“It was that clear.

“Intuitively, I knew that my mind was suffering from a lack of right-brain creative endeavors.

“This would be the perfect balance to express myself in ways other than just speaking in front of the camera.

“I wholly embraced the journey, fully committed to teaching myself what I needed to learn along the way.

“Knowing that I would probably ‘suck at singing’ in the beginning, I nonetheless moved forward.

“Very quickly, I was able to master the process of writing lyrics that conform to a specific track.

“As you can see, I’ve already published 6 songs in the Music for Freedom series.

“If nothing else, I hope that my actions serve as an inspiration to you to awaken the artist within.

“For, as servants of truth, and as freedom fighters, artists we most certainly are as well!”

— David Greenberg