David Greenberg Biography

David Greenberg - FreedomVibe.artDavid Greenberg is a videographer, video editor & producer, and singer/songwriter.

He is also a philosopher, abolitionist, and teacher of natural law and occult knowledge. 

David also publishes content on Mark Passio’s One Great Work Network.

David was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the United States, to parents Brian and Jacqueline Greenberg.

Early in life, David expressed a strong intellect, and an aptitude for both creativity and technical ability.

He went on to work for several decades as a systems and software engineer as well as an entrepreneur, sales and marketing professional. 

In particular, he co-founded several businesses focused on providing services such as Salesforce.com implementation, web design, and social media marketing.

Through suffering the consequences of his choices of behavior over time, David experienced his spiritual awakening. 

He was serendipitously exposed to the science of natural law and objective morality.

Recognizing that he had discovered important knowledge, David began dedicated himself to learning and understanding the occulted sciences.

He began an intense period of shadow work and healing of long-held traumas and mind-control programming, many since his childhood. 

Today, he is one hundred percent committed to doing “the great work” of helping to end worldwide human slavery and suffering.