Natural Laws are inherent, non-man-made conditions, which are built into the Universe.  They are both binding and immutable.  And they govern the consequences of the free-will choices of behavior made by sentient beings with the capacity to understand the objective difference between right and wrong action.

Gravity as an analogy

The best way to understand natural law is to use the laws of gravity as an analogy.

Even as very young children, we come to discover that the laws of gravity are always having an effect on us, and on the world around us.

As we begin to master the physical laws of the universe, it may even seem as though we are overcoming or temporarily disabling these laws.

But that is not correct.

What is correct is that we are harmonizing with them, in order to create an effect or outcome.

For example, airplanes do not defeat gravity.

Instead, they merely leverage other laws in order to temporarily overcome the effect of gravity.

If an airplane loses its ability to create an aerodynamic lift, then gravity will slam it into the earth with deadly force.

Thus we can say that the laws of gravity are universal, immutable, and discoverable.

universal spiritual law

Natural law refers to a set of laws that, like gravity, are universal, immutable and discoverable.

They are mathematically precise in their effect.

Unlike gravity and the physical laws, however, they do not operate solely in the physical world of effects.

Rather, they also operate in the mental (psychological) plane.

Natural law gives us consequences to our free will choices of behavior, depending on whether those choices are moral or immoral.

why is natural law occult knowledge?

The vast majority of human beings have never heard of Natural Law.

Others misunderstand the true meaning of the concept.  

This is actually by design.

Those in the know have socially engineered its ignorance into human society.

In fact, a small minority of individuals who possess such knowledge prefer to keep it hidden or “occulted.”

This creates a “power differential” between those who know and those who do not.

Natural Law can never truly be hidden.

Rather, Occultists discourage and dissuade study on the topic.

For example, the public education system never teaches anything close to Natural Law.

However, we can never truly ignore Natural Law.

For, it is always operating in physical reality.

To illustrate this, consider the Law of Gravity as an analogy.

Just because someone willfully ignores this law does not mean that they may escape its effect.

For example, if someone walks over the edge of a cliff, with no protective gear, then they will suffer the consequences.

They will almost certainly die, or experience grave injury.

The same is true with Natural Law.

The main difference is that Natural Law operates largely in the hidden or spiritual realm, rather than strictly in the physical realm.

Also, Natural Law generally operates in the aggregate.

Meaning, we feel its effect as a population, and over time, rather than immediately and as individuals.

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Additional resources and study materials

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