Freedom is a state of being in which the individual may continuously think, act, speak or behave as they wish, without being prevented from doing so by any kind of duress, violence, or coercion.

Freedom is the goal of all spiritual growth in this physical reality.

This is because the Creator of this Universe gifted us, as beings with the capacity for holistic intelligence, with free will.

However, we may only exercise the full scope of our free will choice when specific conditions are met.

As such, this topic is deserving of much attention and study, in order that we, as humanity, may experience freedom.

Although freedom is experienced by the individual, it is actually manifested in the aggregate. 

Meaning, the degree to which a population, civilization, or species is free determines how free the individuals are in that society.

You may hear some people talking about “financial freedom” or “feeling free,” etc.

While there may be some relative truth behind these sentiments, such people are not truly free unless they can experience continuous physical freedom as defined above.

Freedom can manifest when certain requirements are met, but not otherwise.

The first requirement is that the species that wishes to be free is moral.

Moral means that the species respect Natural Law, and, in the aggregate, does not initiate harm through the theft of the life, rights, or property of others.

The second requirement is that the members of the species must defend themselves by any means necessary against those who attempt to steal their life, rights, or property.

The third requirement is that the members of the species must teach the above principles and requirements to their children and offspring, in order to perpetuate its knowledge and understanding.

Unless all three of these requirements are met continuously, we can not and will not experience true physical freedom as a species. takes a solutions-oriented approach to facing the problems of freedom or lack thereof in our species.

As such, you will find many resources on this website that will help you to gain the required knowledge and understanding of how to be free, and how to encourage, promote and enable freedom for all of humanity.

I encourage you to continue your study through these and other resources.