Say Goodbye to Mr. Nice GuyBecause he’s about to leave for good.

You see, life is a mirror.

It reflects back to us what we need to see most about ourselves.

But only when we’re ready to see it.

Otherwise, our trauma-fed ego bullshit blocks the message.

As was the case for me.

For most of my life.

Until now.

And after some self-reflection, I’ve made a decision.

I’m firing Mr. Nice Guy.

I’m kicking him to the curb.

I’m throwing him under the bus.

You remember him, right?

That guy who smiles too much.

And, like a dark clown, creeps people out.

The one who always nods in agreement when others speak of violence.

As though it were perfectly acceptable.

Yet, deep inside he’s brooding – yearning to have the courage to speak up.

He never offends anyone.

But inside, he knows he should.

Because the truth is offensive to liars.

He works for decades at jobs he despises.

And deep inside hates himself for it.

He’s trying to fit in – in a world of misfits.

He never actually stands up against evil.

As such, he himself becomes an agent of chaos.

Until one day, when the pain becomes unbearable.

He can no longer ignore it.

It is physically manifested in his body.

It will consume him.

Or it will be conquered.

Choices and consequences.

Courage and willpower.

The alchemy begins.

Drawing from deep within, he cultivates courage.

And then he springs into action.

He finds his voice again.

It’s not always perfect, but it’s authentic.

He finds the middle path.

He is hard on himself, without being cruel.

So that he can grow and evolve.

Day after day.

He starts speaking up his mind, no matter who gets offended.

He calls others out on their lame-ass ego bullshit.

He never tacitly approves of any violence or evil.

You can see deep truth in his eyes.

You can feel it in his emotions.

He literally is a different person.

Someone who cares.

He cares about and wants the best for himself.

He cares about you because he knows we’re in this together.

But most importantly:

He cares about the truth.

Thus he can no longer accept a world of lies.

So, say Goodbye to Mr. Nice Guy.

Cuz his ass is being sacrificed.




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