is now blogging on

I’m pleased to announce that is now blogging on

I discovered this relatively new blogging platform during some recent research.

My search was aimed at finding viable content platforms where creators can earn cryptocurrency for their valued content.

I’m always seeking ways to obtain resources for this project, without relying solely on donations and fundraisers.

We will continue to conduct those, of course, as they are very important to the continuity of this work.

However, I’m always exploring alternative channels, especially those which do not rely on mainstream institutions.

As you probably saw, I recently started uploading videos to

what is

Donate to using BCH (Bitcoin Cash) is a no-frills social network where users may post both short and long-form blog articles.

When these articles are upvoted by other users, the author receives a small amount of Bitcoin Cash into their local wallet.

BCH can be sent to other wallets or converted to US dollars and other currencies. has a very concise FAQ on their website, and I encourage you to check it out.