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I’m now blogging on 3Speak, PeakD, and The Hive blog. ⁣

You can find my work there are @freedomvibeart.⁣
What exactly is Hive?⁣
Hive is a blockchain with an entire social media system built on top of it.⁣
Creators earn cryptocurrency for posting and curating quality content.⁣
I know, I know…⁣
Everyone and their sister-in-law is talking about getting on the “cryptocurrency bandwagon.”⁣
But hang on, let me explain how this could be relevant to you as a content creator.⁣
Because Hive is not a speculative coin like Bitcoin, but rather one whose value grows along with the overall value of its ecosystem.⁣
I discovered Hive based on some research into alternatives to mainstream content platforms like Youtube and Facebook.⁣
After Youtube recently removed one of my videos, I realized that censorship of content is very real, and it is likely to continue.⁣
Also, although I do enjoy and appreciate earning money from my work, I did not want to continue to earn based on sharing profits with large corporations, many of which create products and services that cause harm.⁣
In short, I needed a platform and ecosystem compatible with the values of natural law and right livelihood.⁣
Many content creators are regularly earning enough money to buy food, pay the rent, and even invest in their craft.⁣
This ecosystem is definitely worth a look.⁣
I encourage you to check it out.⁣
And when you do, please follow me there.⁣
Also, comment below or send me a message if you need help getting started, or have more specific questions.⁣